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Yeah, Ben is…just good. Truth hurts sometimes. You remember when Lebron was in Miami and he would try to hit game winners by shooting a jumper? People kept begging him to drive to the lane, be more aggressive, get closer take a better shot. Well, it looks like someone was listening, it just wasn’t Lebron.

It was Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons plays like he believes his athleticism will allow him to get whatever shot he wants on the floor. On most nights in the regular season, he’s right. He gained confidence by playing a diminished Miami team that managed to win a game with Dwayne Wade’s half rotten carcass making big plays.

Now he’s in the second round and he notices that the lane is clogged. He can’t play bully ball against someone like Marcus Morris because of his size and strength. Passing lanes are diminished because everyone in the arena knows Simmons’ worst kept secret.

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The first draft of my first script has been completed.

Wait, let me catch you all up.

I’ve had an idea of doing a TV Show or movie about my life growing up. I’ve always thought that my growing up wasn’t unique but Dame Dash said something in an interview that got my mind moving. He said something to the effect that everyone’s life is exciting but it’s how we tell that story. I realized there aren’t any stories about being black and growing up in a rural area in the south.

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on a train.

In my day ‘gangs’ were loosely affiliated by neighborhoods. Colors didn’t matter.

My upbrings was has never been seen on screen. So there was my spark. My inspiration as always is my family.

I started writing this script at the beginning of March. I had no idea really what I wanted to write but it started to take shape slowly. I made a promise to myself to write every day for a month. Some days were more productive than others but everyday words hit the screen. The result of that – the first draft of my script.

So now what’s next? I just had someone look over my draft and I have (numerous) corrections. Its fine, its ok – it’s what I need to get better. So let’s get to correct. I’m not sure what my next move will be. Shop it? Film it myself? We will see…

I’m excited to see where this goes.