Meek Mill Is The New PAC

Meek Mill is the most important rapper since 2Pac. There have been many people who have claimed this title and they all have been wrong. Meek’s fight against the injustice system became a dinner table conversation. People that are removed from the street life Meek Mill portrays understands how absurd his sentencing is. This isn’t just about the 2 years he was sentenced, this is about the 10 years of probation that he had to endure.

If you weren’t sure – Meek Mill did not murder or rape anyone.

Not only is he the most important person in rap music now, he is the New Pac. Yeah, this case is that important. He is the revolutionary that this generation needs. It’s up to Meek to wield this power for good. If you listened to him speak during his last album promotion run, he was starting to be aware of his place in the world. He freely admits his problem with addiction and realizes the impacts on his life. He realizes that he is a role model.

I know some opponents will point to his extravagant life as a rapper and assume he deserves this. Those people would be racists. This isn’t about a choir boy who spends all of his free time in church and would never hurt a fly. No this is the story of a someone who made the best out of bad situation. This is the story of someone who made a mistake over 10 years ago but that same mistake keeps haunting him. Yes, while he was not perfect during his probation, he does not deserve what’s been thrust upon him. We have seen white counterparts with more serious crimes escape with no prison time or even probation.

Meek Mill’s rage against the machine is resonating in far-reaching places that he couldn’t have imagined.

While doubters will cast aspersion to the Robert Kraft visit – a Trump supporter and friend, he was able to see idiocracy of Meek being behind bars. It spotlights the disadvantages that occur when a decrease in money meets an increase in melanin. Robert Williams is becoming hip hop’s Collin Kaepernick – a face for the greater good that will end up footing the cost of exposing the corruption of the system.
But this how this crazy world works. You find inspiration from the weirdest places. The universe places Meek in this position for a reason. It’s up to him to continue to his voice to spotlight the inequities in the criminal justice system. Honestly, it should be him that brings voice to this – he lives this every day. He is the product of what happens when corrupt judges and politicians use his freedom to leverage. This case could have an impact on sentencing guidelines and hopefully judicial oversight.

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